Yellow Teeth – Causes And Treatment

Besides damaging their self-esteem, yellow teeth can also be embarrassing to their owners. For example, people might think twice about smiling when they know that their teeth aren’t white enough. Finding out what the cause is, will go a long way towards preventing having yellow teeth again.

Causes for yellow teeth

Natural: sometimes people have naturally yellow teeth. Others are luckier and have them perfectly white, but having them naturally yellow isn’t a defect. The tooth’s enamel is white, but the dentin, which is the layer under the enamel, is yellow. When the outer layer isn’t mineralized properly, it will be translucent, so the yellow color of the dentin will be more visible. You can only fix this problem if you use some advanced methods of whitening your teeth.

Aging: the fact that aging has a result the yellowing of teeth is no secret to anyone. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been very careful with your oral hygiene; you still have yellow teeth as you advance in age. Staining agents still build up over long periods of time, and you get yellow teeth, plus the enamel will wear down, and the dentin will become more visible.

Oral hygiene: if your oral hygiene is poor, the yellow teeth have an explanation. No matter what the cause is, a bad oral hygiene will always make your teeth yellow in the end.

Your food habits: beverages and foods that are color imparting will provoke the discoloration of the teeth. Soda, tea or coffee can be such types of foods that are bad for your teeth. Chewing and smoking tobacco also have a negative effect on the color of your teeth.

Treatment of Yellow Teeth

Simpler Methods:

• Floss and brush twice each day.
• Brush after you consume beverages like tea, soda or coffee.
• Use toothpaste and chewing gum that are whitening
• Use whitening strips

Advanced Methods

• Use dental veneers
• Use other whitening methods, like bleaching at the dentist’s office

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  1. umesh.k says:

    iam having yellow teeth ok how to slove it iam having it at the time of my birth the teeths r ccame in the yellow colour i am 24.

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