Tooth Abscess Causes, Prevention and Treatment

The appearance of pus beneath or around the tooth tissue is known as a tooth abscess. The cause of an abscess is either gum disease or bacterial infection and the result is the dissolving of the bone which surrounds the teeth. A tooth with an abscess will be very painful. The pain can be described as throbbing or shooting and you will feel it better when you’re chewing or biting.

Tooth Abscess Causes

The initial stage of a tooth abscess is a bacterial infection, which makes pus appear when it invades a tooth. If the pus is blocked inside, the abscess appears. Bacterial infections are usually caused by cracks in the tooth or by severe tooth decay. Another possible cause for tooth abscess is when foreign particles or food gets blocked between the tooth and the gums.

Tooth Abscess Treatment

There are multiple steps to the treatment of a tooth abscess. First of all, the abscess needs to be treated. Next, the abscess cause is treated as well, so it doesn’t show up again. The tooth abscess treatment is part of the endodontic procedures, and dentists specialized in them are called endodontists. You need to make multiple visits to the dentist to treat a tooth abscess.

First of all, the infection needs to be eliminated, by draining the abscess. You might need to go through a root canal to get it drained. If the case is advanced, you might need a surgery. You might get an antibiotic prescription, for the infection, before beginning the dental procedure.

Tooth Abscess Prevention

Good teeth hygiene will prevent many of the problems that cause tooth abscess. Since gum disease and tooth decay cause the tooth abscess, preventing them also prevents any infections.

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