How To Whiten Your Teeth With Household Items

Are you thinking about getting back the whiteness of your teeth? As you age, your teeth start to lose the shade of white, slowly but surely. Instead of paying huge sums of money to whiten your teeth, you can use products that are home made, which don’t cost a lot of money.

1. One practice that has been around for ages is the removal of stains from your teeth, with baking soda. Buy a bit of baking soda when you’re out shopping for groceries. You mix the water with baking soda and if possible, add a bit of hydrogen peroxide as well. That mix should be put on a toothbrush and used on your teeth.

2. When you buy your groceries, also buy carrots, celery, pears and apples. They are well known for allowing the saliva to move freely and in bigger quantities in the mouth. This is the way that the body cleans the stains and dirt from teeth. Another way to stimulate the saliva production is by chewing gum, as long as it doesn’t have sugar in it. A secondary effect of the saliva is the fact that it deactivates any acids which might be in the mouth, so it partially prevents tooth decay.

3. Avoid smoking. While giving it up completely might be very hard, think about all the repercussions that you suffer in the long run. Besides ruining your health, it will make the tooth decay process go faster, plus it stains the teeth. It also causes oral cancer and gives you bad breath.

4. Be careful what you drink. Some drinks can be bad for your teeth. For example, wine, grape juice and coffee are known to stain teeth. If you want to make sure their effects are minimal, try to rinse after you drink grape juice and wine.

5. Maintain the color of your teeth. If you don’t floss or brush your teeth for days at a time, you will most definitely have yellow teeth. You should floss once every 24 hours and brush twice each day. It doesn’t take a lot of time, so there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t do it. Instead of having to whiten your teeth, you keep their natural color for as long as possible, and you save some money for that window ac you always wanted.

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