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The terms “home remedy” usually make people think about some old remedy, passed on from one generation to the next one, for many hundreds of years, and only a few people know about them. That’s not always true though. There are plenty of home remedies to choose from if you want to fix bad breath, and they will work for anybody, not just a few people. You should try more than one such home remedy, to find out which one works best for you.

Bad breath can be fixed with a number of drinks, foods and herbs. Even if the herbs grow only in certain countries, thanks to the wonder that is the modern supermarket, anyone can buy them now. Even if you can’t find a certain ingredient, you can still look for something that works the same way, or you can order it online and get it this way.

There are some foods that will work to freshen your breath, but that’s not a long term solution. It is however something you can do if you need a better smelling breath fast. One tip would be to chew on sunflower seeds, which will help your breath. Another solution would be to chew on some mint leaves or something else that contains mint in it. Cardamom seeds are the third option that I’m going to suggest for getting a good smelling breath.

Parsley is a well known garnish, which can be seen in plenty of restaurants. The tradition says that parsley is used as a garnish because it fights against bad breath. If you see it as a garnish to a meal, leave it and eat it at the end, so it will fight the bad breath. You can also buy it and eat it at home, or you can request it with your meal when you’re at a restaurant.

Lemons are another great home remedy. You simply gargle some lemon juice a couple of times each day and soon you will see an improvement.

Pineapple juice and green tea are two examples of drinks that will help your bad breath. Or, you can consume some apples, as they will fight bad breath. The cures that I mentioned just now, will fight the bacteria in your mouth, not just freshen your breath. In the long term, if you want a fresh breath, you need to fight the cause, not just the end result. Including in your diet some foods that contain zinc can be a good idea, as they fight bacteria.

Drinks and foods are good, but you also have the option of creating some home remedies. You can mix water and baking soda, to obtain a substance that can be used for gargling. It will fight bad breath. Hydrogen peroxide will have the same effect as the mix I just mentioned.

Preventing any problems in your mouth does more to fight bad breath than any cure would. Keeping a healthy mouth, with good oral hygiene, is all you need to fight bad breath. You should brush regularly and don’t leave any food stuck in your teeth.

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  1. Niche Topics says:

    Thanks, Josh! Lemons work wonders — acid in citrus fruits alters the pH level in the mouth, making it unfriendly for odor-causing bacteria.

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