Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teeth Whitening Products

Everyone wishes that they had a few extra years of health when they’re getting older. A woman for example will use nail polish, moisturizing creams and many other beauty products to prolong the period where they look best.

One of the many tactics a person can use to keep their beauty for longer periods of time is teeth whitening. You can use products made at home to make your teeth white again. You avoid going to the dentist and paying a hefty sum – much more than the cost of a basement dehumidifier for example – so anyone can afford to do it, no matter the state of their finances.

You should be careful when whitening your teeth. Since teeth don’t just heal when they’re abused, using a method that damages them can be a very bad idea. Even if someone tells you that a method of whitening is safe, you should still be careful. Try to learn as much as possible about different methods of whitening your teeth before choosing one. Usually the more whitening you achieve with a product, the more dangerous it is for your teeth.

In the end, you need to find a product that gives you the best compromise, between its whitening power and the safety it offers for your teeth. First of all, make sure you take into consideration the health of the oral environment. The worse is your dental health, the less risk you should take with it.

Either go to the dentist, or pick a gel that has less whitening power. Using a teeth whitening strip can have a smaller effect, but it’s usually thought to be safer than other methods of whitening teeth.

If you want as much safety as possible, try longer exposure with less whitening power. Try using gels that aren’t very powerful, but use them for longer periods of time.

Here is a list of methods for teeth whitening at home, with the safe options in the beginning:

  • A whitening toothpaste
  • Strips for tooth whitening
  • Whitening trays which are custom fit and have a gel that is low concentration
  • Whitening tray with thermoform and low concentration gel
  • Trays that are custom fit with gel at high concentration
  • Trays of thermoform with gel at high concentration

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