Dental Implants – Things You Need To Know

What Is A Dental Implant ?

Having a dental implant may be a better alternative to wearing dentures, should you be unfortunate enough to have missing teeth. It is the closest you’ll get to a natural looking tooth.

Should I Consider A Dental Implant ?

Yes you should consider a dental implant, however, you must speak to your a dentist to see if you are suited. Your dentist will examine your gum and bone condition before accepting you as a candidate for dental implantation.

Are There Advantages To Dental Implants Over Dentures ?

Yes, with dental implants it is possible to fit a single tooth or as many as required. With dental implants chewing is easier and more natural than with a denture. With dental implants you don’t have to worry about soaking overnight. Your oral hygiene routine will remain the same as if you had all natural teeth. It is important that you adopt a strict oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

Could You Describe A Dental Implant ?

A dental implant is a mechanical connection between the jaw bone tooth socket and an artificial tooth. They are made of various materials such as titanium. They resemble a threaded bolt or cylinder on which an artificial tooth is fixed.

Could You Explain The Process Of Fitting A Dental Implant ?

The process of fitting a dental implant is fairly straight forward and usually takes place over some months to allow for healing. During the first step of the procedure the dentist will secure the implant to the jaw bone tooth socket. After a period of about six months the bone should have fused to the implant. At this stage the dentist will fix a post to the implant which extends the implant above the gum line.

Depending on what type of implant is used sometimes the first and second stages are combined as the implant and post come as one unit. After healing, a crown is fitted and modeled so as to imitate your natural teeth.

Regular check ups, at least every six months, with your dentist are strongly advised.

Your dental clinic will be more than happy to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have about dental implants.

How To Whiten Your Teeth With Household Items

Are you thinking about getting back the whiteness of your teeth? As you age, your teeth start to lose the shade of white, slowly but surely. Instead of paying huge sums of money to whiten your teeth, you can use products that are home made, which don’t cost a lot of money.

1. One practice that has been around for ages is the removal of stains from your teeth, with baking soda. Buy a bit of baking soda when you’re out shopping for groceries. You mix the water with baking soda and if possible, add a bit of hydrogen peroxide as well. That mix should be put on a toothbrush and used on your teeth.

2. When you buy your groceries, also buy carrots, celery, pears and apples. They are well known for allowing the saliva to move freely and in bigger quantities in the mouth. This is the way that the body cleans the stains and dirt from teeth. Another way to stimulate the saliva production is by chewing gum, as long as it doesn’t have sugar in it. A secondary effect of the saliva is the fact that it deactivates any acids which might be in the mouth, so it partially prevents tooth decay.

3. Avoid smoking. While giving it up completely might be very hard, think about all the repercussions that you suffer in the long run. Besides ruining your health, it will make the tooth decay process go faster, plus it stains the teeth. It also causes oral cancer and gives you bad breath.

4. Be careful what you drink. Some drinks can be bad for your teeth. For example, wine, grape juice and coffee are known to stain teeth. If you want to make sure their effects are minimal, try to rinse after you drink grape juice and wine.

5. Maintain the color of your teeth. If you don’t floss or brush your teeth for days at a time, you will most definitely have yellow teeth. You should floss once every 24 hours and brush twice each day. It doesn’t take a lot of time, so there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t do it. Instead of having to whiten your teeth, you keep their natural color for as long as possible, and you save some money for that window ac you always wanted.

Home Remedies For Bad Breath

The terms “home remedy” usually make people think about some old remedy, passed on from one generation to the next one, for many hundreds of years, and only a few people know about them. That’s not always true though. There are plenty of home remedies to choose from if you want to fix bad breath, and they will work for anybody, not just a few people. You should try more than one such home remedy, to find out which one works best for you.

Bad breath can be fixed with a number of drinks, foods and herbs. Even if the herbs grow only in certain countries, thanks to the wonder that is the modern supermarket, anyone can buy them now. Even if you can’t find a certain ingredient, you can still look for something that works the same way, or you can order it online and get it this way.

There are some foods that will work to freshen your breath, but that’s not a long term solution. It is however something you can do if you need a better smelling breath fast. One tip would be to chew on sunflower seeds, which will help your breath. Another solution would be to chew on some mint leaves or something else that contains mint in it. Cardamom seeds are the third option that I’m going to suggest for getting a good smelling breath.

Parsley is a well known garnish, which can be seen in plenty of restaurants. The tradition says that parsley is used as a garnish because it fights against bad breath. If you see it as a garnish to a meal, leave it and eat it at the end, so it will fight the bad breath. You can also buy it and eat it at home, or you can request it with your meal when you’re at a restaurant.

Lemons are another great home remedy. You simply gargle some lemon juice a couple of times each day and soon you will see an improvement.

Pineapple juice and green tea are two examples of drinks that will help your bad breath. Or, you can consume some apples, as they will fight bad breath. The cures that I mentioned just now, will fight the bacteria in your mouth, not just freshen your breath. In the long term, if you want a fresh breath, you need to fight the cause, not just the end result. Including in your diet some foods that contain zinc can be a good idea, as they fight bacteria.

Drinks and foods are good, but you also have the option of creating some home remedies. You can mix water and baking soda, to obtain a substance that can be used for gargling. It will fight bad breath. Hydrogen peroxide will have the same effect as the mix I just mentioned.

Preventing any problems in your mouth does more to fight bad breath than any cure would. Keeping a healthy mouth, with good oral hygiene, is all you need to fight bad breath. You should brush regularly and don’t leave any food stuck in your teeth.

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Is There a Connection Between Tooth Decay and Stress?

If someone told you that tooth decay is a stress related disease, you would probably think that they’re not serious. At least that’s how many patients react when I tell them. The stress and the rotting of the teeth don’t seem connected at all, so may people have trouble believing this connection exists.

Bad health and stress are associated more and more in recent decades, and you will notice this connection if you take a look in the available health literature. A high stress level will affect the life quality and will contribute to the deterioration of people’s health. With modern times came the theory of the stress related illness, and that’s all we hear about these days.

What is Stress?

Since people talk so much about stress, it’s only normal that misconceptions about it appear and people don’t always realize what stress is.

Giving an exact definition for stress isn’t an easy feat. There are more than one definitions of stress out there, with some being more popular than others. Like it’s the case with many other definitions, they aren’t always accurate.
One such misunderstood definition is that stress is the same thing as being busy, or having a business.

People use stress to blame their circumstances (family, job) and they think they can’t do anything to fix it. However, that definition isn’t true, as you can be very busy, and still not under a lot of stress. You can have a lot of work and still be content and happy with your job.

Feelings and stress are strongly connected. Being very busy can make you happy that your business is booming. It can also make you stressed, especially when you’re busy because someone else isn’t doing their duties properly. The end result can be resentment towards the work you have to do. You’re busy in both occasions that I just mentioned, but one causes you to be resentful, while the other makes you happy. Any type of emotion that is negative can translate into stress. It can be doubt, worry, bitterness, fear, anxiety, frustration, regret, rage, anger and so on.

Wondering what connection is between tooth decay and stress?

Sugar frequency is what is behind tooth decay in most cases. Sugar frequency is how many times you eat something sugar each day. When you do that, the sugar becomes bacteria in the mouth, and the acid environment acts to damage the tooth’s enamel. In time, defects appear in the surface of the tooth. Once the cavity appears, the acid conditions continue working and making it bigger.

Wondering how is that the fault of stress?

If you think about it, why does someone eat a lot of sugar each day? Usually high frequency means that the person has an addictive habit or behavior, making sugar a reward or comfort in tough times. So, when they feel hurt, upset or under some type of pressure, people comfort themselves by eating something sweet. When people use sweet foods as comfort, when they’re stressed they tend to eat more sweets, and so the teeth are harmed. That’s how tooth decay and stress are connected.

People will want something sweet when they’re stressed, more so than when they’re happy. Think about it for a minute. When do you desire something sweet? When you’re perfectly happy, or when you’re under stress and want something to make it all better?

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teeth Whitening Products

Everyone wishes that they had a few extra years of health when they’re getting older. A woman for example will use nail polish, moisturizing creams and many other beauty products to prolong the period where they look best.

One of the many tactics a person can use to keep their beauty for longer periods of time is teeth whitening. You can use products made at home to make your teeth white again. You avoid going to the dentist and paying a hefty sum – much more than the cost of a basement dehumidifier for example – so anyone can afford to do it, no matter the state of their finances.

You should be careful when whitening your teeth. Since teeth don’t just heal when they’re abused, using a method that damages them can be a very bad idea. Even if someone tells you that a method of whitening is safe, you should still be careful. Try to learn as much as possible about different methods of whitening your teeth before choosing one. Usually the more whitening you achieve with a product, the more dangerous it is for your teeth.

In the end, you need to find a product that gives you the best compromise, between its whitening power and the safety it offers for your teeth. First of all, make sure you take into consideration the health of the oral environment. The worse is your dental health, the less risk you should take with it.

Either go to the dentist, or pick a gel that has less whitening power. Using a teeth whitening strip can have a smaller effect, but it’s usually thought to be safer than other methods of whitening teeth.

If you want as much safety as possible, try longer exposure with less whitening power. Try using gels that aren’t very powerful, but use them for longer periods of time.

Here is a list of methods for teeth whitening at home, with the safe options in the beginning:

  • A whitening toothpaste
  • Strips for tooth whitening
  • Whitening trays which are custom fit and have a gel that is low concentration
  • Whitening tray with thermoform and low concentration gel
  • Trays that are custom fit with gel at high concentration
  • Trays of thermoform with gel at high concentration